Cool Acts of Friendship EP

by Kimotimo

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Cool Acts of Friendship EP is packed with stuff everyone should do to their friends! Like, being nice and having fun! That's what we're here for!

Special thanks to:
Daniel Hagström for mastering
Fumika Kanatsu and Jukio Kallio for album art!!


released May 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Kimotimo Helsinki, Finland

Hip cool electro feel inducer. Will get you on.

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Track Name: Cool Acts of Friendship
Houston this is radio check
Track Name: Once In a Lifetime
The man woke up holding his head
"For how long have I been in my bed?",
he thought and decided to go out for a walk
During night it's impossible to tell if it's spring of fall
so he took his coat that was hanging on the wall
and headed towards he city block

There were people on the side of the street
standing under a light pole
as he drew closer the light of the pole went dim
but it somehow didn't bother him

At the moment it was pitch black
and he had the same feeling as when he had woken
"Which way is front, and which is back?"
he asked under the pole that was broken
But the answer came from the nearby forest,
where he saw a womans figure
beautiful, but modest

He walked towards the character, enchanted
and reached his hand towards it
"Who are you?", he asked

"I'm the goddess of this forest, a spirit"
Dazzled by its beauty, the man had fallen in love
but the spirit continued:
"You can find me in this grove only once in a lifetime"

"I will find another lifetime and meet you again.
All I have to do is die and be born once more."
Suddenly in his neck, the man felt pain
but meeting the spirit was all he cared for